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Beagles: Loveable Busybodies

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Beagle Dog and Puppy Facts and Information Guide


(Includes important information about Pocket Beagles and Teacup Beagles)

Beagle Breed In Brief | Beagle History | Beagle Appearance | Beagle Temperament | Exercise Needs
Grooming Requirements | Beagle HealthConcerns | Training Your Beagle | Is A Beagle The Right BreedFor You?
AdditionalReading | OnlineResources | Beagle Pictures | Beagle Breeders | Beagle Clubs andRescues
Beagle Dog andPuppy Names

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The Beagle Dog Breed inBrief:

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Origin: United States
Height: 15 inches orless at the shoulder
Weight: 18-25 pounds onaverage
Exercise Needs: High
Grooming Needs: Heavyshedder
Life Expectancy: 15+years
Good With Kids: Yes
Trainability: Difficult
Yappiness: High level
Breed Group: Hound
Common Misspellings: Beegle, Beagel,Beegel
Alternate Names

Beagle DogBreed History

Like so many other dogs, the history of theBeagle has been obscured by the hands of time,leaving many to speculate and guess as to theorigins of this magnificent canine. Records of keen sight and scent hounds have beenfound to predate even the Roman Empire and it isbelieved that the wonderful little Beagle mayhave dated as far back or, at the very least, isdescended from these noble dogs. It isknown that this breed was firmly establishedprior to the 18th century and, in fact, it wasby cross-breeding the Beagle with a buck houndthat they came by the popular Foxhounds, whichwere used for pack hunting. From thiscross, two separate varieties of dog weredeveloped, one of which was known as theSouthern Hound and the other which became theNorth Country Beagle.

Meanwhile, hunters in the United States wererelying upon Dachshunds and Bassets for theircanine needs. While quick and seeminglytireless, these dogs were not a suitable typefor their job. In 1860, the European dogswould be introduced to the line and it wouldsucceed in combining the tenacious qualities ofthe American Beagle with the beautiful type andcorrectness of the European strain. By1888, the National Beagle Club was formed andthe Beagles have been an American favorite eversince.

Beagle Appearance

One of the most distinctive breeds of dog inthe world, the Beagle appears to best resemble aminiature Foxhound, though he is a solid andsturdily built dog for his short height. Shown in two classes, 13-15 inches and the 13 inches and under divisions, he is still avery big and powerful dog for his little size. Possessing an incredible amount of stamina andspeed, he is more than capable of driving hisquarry to the trees, the ground, or to the deathif need be.

Beagles come in all the regular hound colors,which means they can be black and tan, black tanand blue tick, black tan and white, black tanand redtick, blue tan and white, tan and white,black red and white, brown and white, red andwhite, lemon and white, black and white, black,black fawn and white, blue, blue and white,lemon, brown, red, tan, or even white. Inaddition to this diverse color variety, they canalso be ticked, spotted, or can have black,brown, tan, or white markings. In a nutshell,the Beagle can come in just about any color andstyle you can imagine.

Beagle Temperament

The Beagle is known for his fun-loving andaffectionate nature, as well as for his loyaltyto his family. For centuries, these beautifuldogs have served both as loving lap pets as wellas reliable hunters, proving their versatilityand desire to be around people. However, it isimportant to note that the Beagle was bred as ahunting dog for centuries and, because of this,his hunting instinct is very strong. While hewill rarely do more than hassle the cat, many ofthese dogs are known for their tendency to runoff after some scent that’s attracted theirattention, often resulting in their winding upin the “Lost Dog” category of the local paper.

In addition to his love of wandering off, theBeagle is also notoriously hard-headed andstubborn. While this determination is a greatbonus in a hunting dog, the same trait can provedaunting when applied to the pet Beagle. Anyoneconsidering adopting one of these rebels intotheir family had best be prepared to bring a lotof patience to the plate – chances are, you’regoing to need it.

Beagle Exercise Needs

While most tend to see the hound as a lazydog, envisioning old-time Plantation movies withlazy loafers lounging on the porch, the Beagleis anything but lazy and inactive. Infact, quite the opposite is true – a very activeand enthusiastic individual, he will tirelesslyplay fetch, tug of war, and ‘hound’ the catuntil there is no tomorrow. If not keptbusy enough, he will even turn to your shoes orthe furniture as a source of amusement – andthat’s never a good thing.

It’s very important to remember that thisparticular breed has been bred, for centuries,to hunt down their quarry and chase after themas long as the prey will run. Even whennot hunting, they are a very active, very highexercise individual. At the very least,the Beagle needs several long brisk walks a dayor a chance to run off steam within a fenced-inarea. Never, however, let your Beagle offthe leash unless he’s in an enclosure andsupervised – Beagles are notorious for “catchinga scent” and running off, often ignoring carsand other dangers.

Beagle Grooming Requirements

Grooming the Beagle is relatively easy – agood brushing with a soft bristled brush willtake care of any of those itchy spots, as wellas loosening up any dander or loose fur, and abath once or twice a month will keep yourBeagle’s coat simply glowing. Keeping thetoenails trimmed short will help to prevent sorepaws, as well as risking them catching them onthe carpet, and the Beagle, like anyfloppy-eared dog, should have his ears checkedregularly for any signs of dirt or infection.

Training Your Beagle

If you are challenged with the task oftraining a Beagle, be ready to put your patienceto the test. Fun-loving and stubborn as a bull,most Beagles simply can’t be bothered withlearning tricks and such mundane tasks as laydown and roll over. Lay down? Shyeah-right… onlyafter he’s finished making the cat run for coverand making sure there isn’t a bird traipsingabout in his back yard. If you want to train aBeagle, chances are it will all come down to abattle of wits.

In order to train one of these rebels, youwill want to use a technique known as “positivereinforcement.” This means that, rather thanscolding your dog when he does something youdon’t like, you simply ignore him and, when hedoes something that you want, you reward himwith a treat and lots of excitement, happiness,and praise. Making a big production of thedesired behavior encourages your Beagle tocontinue doing this action in hopes of gettingmore goodies and attention.

BeagleHealth Concerns

Beagle Dogs can be prone tocertain hereditary health problems. That iswhy choosing a responsible breeder fromwhich to purchase your Beagle puppy is veryimportant. Responsible Beagle breeders willbe well educated about the breed andcarefully screen their breeding dogs fordisorders that can affect these dogs.

Some health issues that mayaffect the Beagle include, but are notlimited to:

•Patellar luxation


•Intervertebral discdisease


Additional Reading About Beagles

Is the Beagle the Right Breed For You?

While films like “Shiloh” endear the Beagleto us, and he is known as a wonderful familydog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Beaglepuppy that you’re so fixated on is the right dogfor you. Before considering a pile of cuteBeagle puppies, take a few moments to answerwhether or not that the Beagle is the rightbreed for you – notoriously noisy, they can beextremely vocal and are not well-suited forapartment living. Additionally, the Beaglesheds profusely and it’s important to know ifyou’re a “neat freak.” Additionally, theBeagle is a runner and cannot be trusted off theleash. This can make for a bit of trouble,particularly for those who do not have the timeor the ability to maintain the Beagles need fora high activity level.

There are bonuses to the Beagle, however. They are generally a very healthy and heartybreed, and have a great friendly love forchildren. The Beagle can make the perfectpet for the right family.

A word of extreme caution about “PocketBeagles” and “TeacupBeagles” though!

Be very wary of what is known as the Pocket Beagle or Teacup Beagle, as these can prove toeither be dwarf specimens, the results ofheavy inbreeding (with lots of healthproblems) or can be the offspring of Beaglescrossed with toy terriers. Always do yourresearch and purchase a Beagle only from aresponsible, knowledgeable breeder in whomyou can place your trust.

OnlineBeagle Information Resources

There are a wealth of resources online that can help you learnmore about the Beagle dog breed. We’ve compiled a list of Beagleinformation sites to assist you in quickly locating qualityinformation about the Beagle dog breed, while avoiding the “garbage”sites that are nothing more than poor attempts to capitalize on thepopularity of dog breeds in general. If you know of a Beagleinformation site that offers unique, quality information and photosof the Beagle breed, please contact us with the URL and a briefdescription so that our editors can consider it for inclusion in ourlist below.
•Wikipedia – Beagles
•Beagle Dogs and Puppies

Beagle Pictures

Beagles are a very photogenic dog breed. By looking at Beaglepictures, you can usually gain more insight into what these dogs andpuppies are like as a breed, and this can help you decide if youreally want to become a Beagle owner. The following sites belowoffer pictures of Beagle dogs, Beagle puppy photos, funny Beaglephotos and more. Enjoy!
• Beagle Dog Pictures

Buying a Beagle Puppy

picture photo of adorable cute beagle puppy dog pictures photos

Now that you have decided that the Beagle is the right breed foryou, it’s time to start the process of finding a responsible Beaglebreeder from which to buy a healthy, well-socialized puppy. Not allbreeders are alike; there are good breeders – and bad breeders.Don’t be in a hurry to buy the first Beagle puppy you find at thecheapest price available! To buy a puppy from a responsible Beaglebreeder, you may need to pay more and wait longer. The additionalmoney and waiting time will be well worth it. Buy a puppy in hastefrom a newspaper ad, pet store or “backyard breeder”, and you’lllikely also purchase a great deal of additional expense andheartache, since you will likely end up falling in love with a puppywith health and behavioral problems that will likely need specialcare, plenty of veterinary visits, regular medication – or eveneuthanasia. But do your homework and find a responsible, caringBeagle breeder who home-raises their puppies with love, screenstheir breeding dogs for health problems, offers a health guaranteeand post sale support, and who genuinely loves the Beagle breed andis in it for the love of the breed, rather than profit, and you canbe fairly well assured of getting a healthy, happy, long lived andaffectionate family companion that will provide you and your familywith many years of joy, laughter and companionship.

Pocket Beagle ALERT!!

Whether you call them Pocket Beagles, Teacup Beagles, Tea CupBeagles, Toy Beagles, Miniature Beagles, or Mini Beagles, buying the smallest Beagle puppy you can find is a sure recipe for a teacupfull of heartache! Responsible breeders occasionally will have apuppy that is smaller than it’s littermates (it’s what we oncereferred to as the “runt” of the litter). Any breeder thatselectively breeds to create a smaller and smaller puppy is not abreeder with whom you want to do business. The reason for this isthat smaller puppies usually have a number of health problems. Theycan suffer from Hypoglycemia (dangerously low blood sugar), knee andhip problems, brain defects, kidney problems, heart problems andmore. What’s more, these itty bitty dogs are as delicate as flowers,and can easily be injured or killed by being accidentally stepped onor kicked, or from something as seemingly innocent as a fall off ofthe sofa or bed. Don’t buy into this unfortunate trend! Dogs arepets – not fashion accessories or toys. Be sure to buy your Beaglepuppy only from a responsible, reputable Beagle breeder. Avoid anybreeder who advertises Pocket, Teacup, Miniature, Toy or Mini Beaglepuppies.

Further information about choosing a responsible breeder…

Here are a few breeder directory sites that we recommend. Thesesites attempt to screen advertisers to ensure that the breederslisted are responsible and sell healthy, home-raised Beagle puppiesto carefully screened buyers. There are many, many sites now onlinethat advertise dog breeders – many are a Mecca for puppy mills andbackyard breeders. We recommend that you steer clear of theseresources in favor of sites that are more selective in the breederswhom they allow to advertise.

We Highly Recommend:
• Beagle Puppies For Sale
• Beagle Puppy Dog Central
• Beagle Dogs and Puppies For Sale
• Beagle Breeders
•Beagle PuppyStork
• Beagle Breeders Showcase
• Beagle Puppy Finder on Pet Net

Beagle Clubs and Rescues

Beagle clubs and rescues web sites can help you learn even moreabout the Beagle dog breed, help you locate a responsible Beaglebreeder, or help you find a Beagle dog or puppy in need of a secondchance for a loving, forever home. We’ve compiled the following listof Beagle clubs and Beagle rescues web sitesfor your convenience:
•Beagle Rescues

Naming Your BeaglePuppy

Choosing a name for your Beagle puppy can be a daunting task!There are so many names to choose from that it can take a lot ofthought and research to find just the right name for your Beagle.Usually, it’s best to get to know your puppy for a few days orweeks. Often your puppy’s personality will help you decide on justthe right name to choose. Does he have a sense of humor? A seriousside? A goofy way of cocking his head to one side? A strange love ofcantaloupe? By observing your new Beagle puppy over the first daysor weeks, you should at least have a clue about what type of nameyou want to give. There are a ton of dog names and pet names websites on the internet. Some are wonderful information resources,while others, unfortunately, are just “garbage” sites set up withthe sole purpose of cashing in on visitor hits for this popularsubject.

We recommend the following sites to assist you in choosing a namefor your new Beagle puppy. These sites offer inventive, unique,original and creative pet names suggestions that have helpedthousands of new puppy owners in selecting just the right name fortheir new baby!
•Unique Dog andPuppy Names
•Choosing AName For Your Dog Or Puppy
•Pet Net’s PetNames Guide

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