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Cavapoo Dog Breed Guide

Learn all about Cavapoo dogs and puppies. Includes Cavapoo dog breed photos & videos, plus in-depth information about the breed’s history, appearance, lifespan, personality, health, care, grooming, training, exercise needs, suitability and more. All about the Cavapoo dog breed, a mix of two popular purebred dog breeds.

Cavapoo Dog Breed Facts

The Cavoodle (also known as a Cavapoo) is a crossbreed dog, the offspring of a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.[2] The Cavoodle became especially popular through crossbreeding programs in Australia in the late 1990s.[3] The Cavoodle has since become one of Australia’s most popular breeds.[2] They were bred to be healthy, outgoing, small dogs with low to non-shedding coats, who would get along well with children.[3] They are a very popular dog in Australia due to their exceptional temperaments, robustness and low-shed. The breed is also increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

The Cavoodle is a cross between the Toy or Miniature Poodle, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and has characteristics of both.[3] The Cavoodle has been bred to get along well with all types of human families; from the elderly to families with small children.[citation needed] It has a brown, blonde, white, black, gold and tawny hypoallergenic coat, round face, and long ears.[2] There is some variation within the breed. Some puppies will lean more towards a Poodle-like appearance while others will favour the Cavalier in features.[1] Colours are wide-ranging, including solid black, solid white, chestnut and white (Blenheim), white and tan (tri-colour), or gold all over.[1]


All About Cavapoo Dogs & Puppies

History of the Cavapoo Dog Breed

Cavapoo Dog Breed Appearance

What does a Cavapoo dog look like?

Temperament and Character of the Cavapoo Dog Breed

Cavapoo Dog Breed Health Issues

Do Cavapoos have any health problems?

Training Cavapoos

Cavapoo Dog Breed Care

Cavapoo Grooming Tips

Cavapoo Exercise Needs

Cavapoo Nutrition & Feeding

Is a Cavapoo the Right Dog Breed For You?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cavapoo Dog Breed

Are Cavapoos Hypo-Allergenic?

Are Cavapoos Non-Shedding?

Are Cavapoos Good With Children?

How Long Do Cavapoos Live?

What Health Problems Do Cavapoos Have?

How Much Do Cavapoo Puppies Cost?

Where Can I Buy a Cavapoo Puppy?

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Cavapoos – All About Cavapoo Dogs & Puppies

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