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Unique Puppy Names For Male Female Boy & Girl Dogs and Puppies

Bichon frise[wp_ad_camp_1] Good dog names can be hard to find. Modern dogs and puppies need really unique puppy names befitting their status as our “fur babies”. Gone are the days when naming your dog is given as much thought as what to have for lunch. Contemporary canines are given the best dog names their owners can think of – and often several middle names, too.

Dogs and Puppies Central has long been an online staple in the quest for cool canine names. Our staff let their imaginations run wild, and have created this growing collection of ideas and suggestions for what to name your pet.

Unique Female Dog Names

 Unique Male Dog Names

Adorable Yellow Labrador Retriever PuppyUnique female dog names and girl puppy names abound here at Dogs and Puppies Central. We are pleased to offer a rapidly growing collection of great ideas for names for the feminine canine set. Our female dog names come from all kinds of categories, including cute, funny, posh, regal, tough, sweet, and more. The one thing you’re sure to find here on our girl puppy names site: originality! We’ll help you find just the right dog name for your female pet. Boy Dog NamesWhat do you name a boy puppy? There are so many cool and creative ideas for male dog names, that it’s difficult to know where to start. Dogs and Puppies Central is here to help lead you in the right direction with our growing collection of truily inventive and unique male dog names ideas. You can choose from tough, cool, mean, funny, cute, large, black and white male dog names, to mention just a few. So if you have a new puppy, or have recently adopted a male dog from a local shelter or rescue, our list of good male puppy names awaits you.

Dog Names By Breed

Meet My Dog

Shih Tzu Dog Named MalloFrom Affenpinschers to Xoloitzcuintlis and every breed of dog in between, we’re putting together a huge directory of suggestions for dog names by breed. So if you’re looking for something cute to name your Chihuahua, a tough name for your Rottie, or a funny name for your French Bulldog, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our puppy names by breed section!


We want to meet your dog! Send us some grrreat photos of your pride and joy, and tell us all about your pampered pooch. What did you name your dog and why? What kind of personality does your pooch possess? What food, toys, activities and tricks does your pup enjoy? We’ve included an easy way to add your delightful doggie to our site for all to admire, so add your dog’s profile today!



Good Dog Names

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