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Pokemon Inspired Puppy Names and Dog Names

Pokemon Dog[wp_ad_camp_1] Do you or one of your children love Pokemon? There are so many cute Pokemon characters with similarly interesting and unique names, that we figured they would make great names for dogs and puppies. So, without further adieu, listed below you’ll find some great Pokemon puppy names suggestions, separated into male and female dog name ideas.

Female Pokemon Dog Names Suggestions
(Girl Pokemon Puppy Names Ideas)
Male Pokemon Dog Names Suggestions
(Boy Pokemon Puppy Names Ideas)
Snivy – Oshawott – Jigglypuff – Poliwhirl – Serperior – Lillipup – Munna – Gurdurr – Victini – Blitzle – Samurott- Arcanine – Latias – Vapoureon – Deerling – Suicune –  Lucario – Deoxys
Oshawott – Pikachu – Tepig – Mightyena – Zapdos – Dewott – Lillipup – Herdier – Gurdurr – Victini – Latios – Vapoureon


Our Furry Friends Named after Pokemon Characters

Got a dog or puppy named after your favorite Pokemon character? Submit their picture and information to be included in our “Furry Friends” gallery below!

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Pokemon Dog Names

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