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Goldador Dog Breed Guide

Learn all about Goldador dogs and puppies. Includes Goldador dog breed photos & videos, plus in-depth information about the breed’s history, appearance, lifespan, personality, health, care, grooming, training, exercise needs, suitability and more. All about the Goldador dog breed, a mix of two popular purebred dog breeds.

Goldador Dog Breed Facts

The Goldador, also known as Golden Lab, is a hybrid dog that is the product of breeding a purebred Golden Retriever with a purebred Labrador Retriever.[5][6] Bred for its ability to serve as guide, search-and-rescue, and drug-detection dogs, the Goldador is growing in popularity as a social and easily trained dog.[7]

Just like the Labrador, the Goldador has a short double coat that can range in variety of colors and does not require a grooming regimen.[8] The Goldador is a large, athletic dog, it measures 54 to 60 cm tall at the top of the withers and normally weighs 60 to 80 pounds.[9][10] This type of dog can be smart and sensitive enough to work with anti-narcotics and bomb detection squads.[11] The name ”Goldador” is a portmanteau from the word ”golden” and ”Labrador”, in the names of the parent breeds, Goldadors are also called glabs.[12]


All About Goldador Dogs & Puppies

History of the Goldador Dog Breed

Goldador Dog Breed Appearance

What does a Goldador dog look like?

Temperament and Character of the Goldador Dog Breed

Goldador Dog Breed Health Issues

Do Goldadors have any health problems?

Training Goldadors

Goldador Dog Breed Care

Goldador Grooming Tips

Goldador Exercise Needs

Goldador Nutrition & Feeding

Is a Goldador the Right Dog Breed For You?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Goldador Dog Breed

Are Goldadors Hypo-Allergenic?

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How Long Do Goldadors Live?

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Goldadors – All About Goldador Dogs & Puppies

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