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Learning about hypoallergenic dog breeds is easy with help from the Dog Pages online information resource. Learn about allergy friendly dogs of all sizes – whether you have room for a tiny teacup, small, medium-sized, large or extra-large (giant) breed of hypoallergenic dog.

Dog Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

Have you been looking for hypo-allergenic (Allergy Free) Dog Breeds?
Well don’t get your dander up, because there are dog breeds of all sizes for dog lovers with allergies!

Dog lovers with allergies are always looking for that special breed of dog that will not cause an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, there are NO completely non-allergic dogs. All dogs can cause an allergic reaction; it has little to do with how much hair they have and more to do with their diet and how often they are groomed.

However, there are some breeds (in general, the female of the breed is better), which are hypoallergenic – breeds that are hairless, breeds that naturally don’t shed hair, and breeds that shed very little hair. But, since cats are responsible for about two-thirds of allergens, your chances are better with a dog.

The Connection between Dander and Allergies:

Allergies are not a direct result of too much hair, and even dogs with fur like human hair can cause allergies. The sebaceous glands are the culprit.

Dogs, like other animals and humans, secrete an oily lubricant (sebum) through their sebaceous glands, which keeps their skin supple and their coat (hair) shiny. The allergen in the secretion causes the allergic reaction and is present in dog’s saliva and dander.

As a dog ages and the skin dries, more sebum is produced and the scaly bits of dried skin are released, resulting in dander (or dandruff in humans).

It’s important to be careful when buying a puppy because you might not have an immediate allergic reaction. Puppy’s skin is supple and sebum isn’t released so they have no dander, but, you might eventually get an allergic reaction as the puppy ages and dander forms.

Hypo-Allergenic Dog Breeds By Size

Teacup Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds


Labradoodle dog, Labradoodle puppyThis hybrid dog breed was created just for allergy sufferers – combining the hypoallergenic trait of the Poodle dog breed with the easygoing charm and intelligence of the Labrador Retriever dog. The result is a gorgeous family companion that can be an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.
Goldendoodle DogsGoldendoodle Dogs

Ditto to the Labradoodle dog breed, but substitute the golden good looks and sunny disposition of the Golden Retriever Dog.
basenji dogBasenji Dogs

Shed little or no hair, have no doggy smell and they groom themselves like cats; however, they do not do well with non-canine pets. They are energetic and easily trainable.
Bichon Frise DogsBichon Frise Dogs

Shed little or no hair but must be groomed once a month. They are affectionate, intelligent and independent. They love people and children and are easily trainable.
poodle dogsPoodle Dogs

Shed little or no hair and are intelligent and easily trainable. They have a good temperament, but if untrained, they tend to bark a lot. Also, be careful with the mixed breeds.
Chinese Crested DogsChinese Crested Dogs

Shed little or no hair, have no doggy odor and are not prone to ticks or fleas. They are affectionate, lovable, energetic and easily trainable. They are not barkers.
schnauzer dogs, schnauzer puppiesSchnauzer Dogs

Shed little or no hair, are great house pets and love children. They will bark and make good watchdogs and mouse catchers.
Shih Tzu dogsShih Tzu Dogs

Shed little or no hair and is alert and spunky. They make good watchdogs even though they are small.
yorkshire terrier dogs, yorkie dogsYorkshire Terrier Dogs (Yorkie Dogs)

Shed little or no hair, but their temperament is that of the Terrier breed. They are good watchdogs but tend to be snappish if teased or surprised. They are easy to train, but a little stubborn.

Cost for the Referenced Breeds:

It is difficult to find a price range for any of the above dog breeds without going to each breeder’s site and requesting information, but, suffice it to say that pure-bred and designer dogs will cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the breed. You can, however, check with the Humane Society and other dog adoption shelters because it is estimated that about forty percent of all dogs in those shelters are pure-bred dogs.

If you love dogs, please don’t refrain from getting one because of allergies. There are so many dog breeds to choose from and so many allergy medications on the market that will help ease your suffering

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