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ADOPTED – Labradoodle Dog  In La Mesa, CA

ADOPTED – Labradoodle Dog in La Mesa, CA

by Deborah Moore
La Mesa, CA


Echo’s owners had always hoped they could provide a loving, forever home for their precious Labradoodle – but life’s circumstances had other plans for them.

Echo is an 18 month old female Labradoodle for adoption in San Diego, California and area.

Particulars about Echo include:

Color: Black
Size: Medium 45 pounds
Fully Vaccinated: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good With Cats: Not Known
Good With Dogs: Yes, but restrictions as laid out below
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: Food aggression/resource guarding towards other dogs only. She needs to be an only dog, and in a home without small children.
She is a very special dog, and very much worth making the extra effort to avoid situations where this might be an issue. She is the perfect dog 99.9% of the time and in the right home, this behavior should be non-existent.

All About Echo the Amazing Labradoodle for Adoption in La Mesa CA

When asked to describe Echo’s personality, Beth stated: “Echo is a dog who loves her “people” dearly and loves nothing more than spending time with those people (whether that time is spent cuddling together, playing together, exercising together, or being silly together).

Echo likes to be near her family members (for example, she will always be laying or chewing a bone in the room where my husband and I are at; or she will be sniffing around in the yard while I am doing some gardening but is neither clingy or demanding of your attention (unless she has not been properly exercised/interacted with). She just wants to be close to you, but not right on top of you.”.

When asked to share a heartwarming memory of life with Echo , Beth stated: “When we take Echo standup paddle-boarding with us she usually begins our ride by standing at the front of my paddleboard but when she sees my husband nearby on his paddle-board she gets so excited and will jump in the water and swim over to his paddleboard. Echo will swim back-and-forth between my husband and I for the entire ride, taking turns riding on both of our paddleboards, because she wants to be with both of us at the same time. That’s just the kind of sweet, silly, and fun dog Echo is!”.

Echo’s owner, Beth, is heartbroken to have to make this very difficult decision, but is hopeful that a great new home can be found where all of Echo’s needs will be met.

Echo’s perfect new home would offer: “Echo would do well with many types of owners: A single-owner who has enough time to devote to caring for her on a daily basis; A couple who have no children or who have older children; A younger retiree or retired couple who have lots of energy and time to spend with her. However, Echo would not do well with geriatric owners who may struggle to meet her physical needs and behavioral training demands.

Echo is used to running around and exploring in her backyard, so a decent sized yard that is securely fenced-in would be ideal for her life-long health and safety. Echo would not do well living in an apartment or condo and should be adopted into a single-family home.

Most importantly, Echo needs a forever family who are aware of her behavioral challenges and physical/social/emotional needs and are happy and willing to commit to providing her with ongoing love, comfort, care, kindness, safety, and a long and happy life!

As for Echo’s favorite things, Beth stated that Echo has many toys, treats and activities that she absolutely loves. Visit her adoption story page on Pet Adoptions Network for full details.

Echo will be rehomed with supplies, veterinarian records and detailed notes on her care and keeping. There is a $400 adoption/rehoming fee for this amazing young black female Labradoodle.

If you would like to offer Echo a loving, forever home, please contact Debbie at San Diego Pet Adoptions Network 888-720-3322 or fill out an online adoption application form at

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