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Basset Hound Photo

Basset Hounds

Basset Hound Dog Breed Information Guide

Basset Hound Appearance

Although small for the hound group, Bassets are medium sized dogs. Full grown Basset Hounds generally weigh between 55 and 65 pounds, and rarely stand more than 20 inches tall. Pleading eyes and long, droopy ears are the trademark characteristics of Basset Hounds. Most Bassets have white coats covered with random black and brown patches. Their hair is short, does not shed badly, and requires very little grooming.

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English Buldog Photo

English Bulldogs

English Bulldog Breed Information

There’s no dog breed with a more distinctive mug than the English Bulldog. This is a dog breed like no other – combining a solid, muscular frame with an adorably wrinkled face and somewhat compressed snout. To gaze upon the English Bulldog, one would expect him to be tough as nails, but in reality, this dog breed is a real “pussycat”, at least where humans and other pets are concerned.

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American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniels

American Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information Guide

The Cocker Spaniel has long been favored as a family pet, not only in the country of its origins, but also throughout the world. Known for his beautiful coat, soft brown eyes and sweet expression, he is surprisingly much more than a simple pampered pet. In addition to his place at his mistress’ side, he is equally at home with his master, out hunting in the fields. The smallest of the sporting breeds, the Cocker Spaniel is as versatile as he is loveable.

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Miniature Schnauzer Dog Photo

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed Information – All About Mini Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed Information Guide The Miniature Schnauzer is a well known, mid-sized dog. With an alert and intelligent temperament, this breed is suitable for apartment dwellers as well as for family homes with spacious yards. This robust dog is reliable and adaptable and will keep you active. The Mini is a member of the Terrier Group and recognized by the American Kennel Club (see exceptions below). This dog of German descent was originally brought to North America in the early 20th century and is is a now well established breed. Miniature Schnauzer History The Miniature Schnauzer was originally bred in Germany in the late 1800's. It was likely a cross breed between a Standard Schnauzer and an Affenpinscher. Originally, these square built dogs were bred to guard herds and small farms. Later, they were used to hunt rats and other vermin - they had (literally and figuratively) the nose for it. Early on, attempts were made to lessen the size of the Standard Schnauzer by introducing other breeds. Unfortunately, the result brought forth colours that breeders deemed unacceptable, notably white. While breeders worked toward stabilizing the genetic pool for the Miniature Schnauzer, undesirable mixes and white puppies were removed. Since the 1950's, both have re-emerged and have become common, although the white variation is not recognised by the American Kennel Club. The debate over the pedigree and legitimacy over the white variety continues. Miniature Schnauzer Appearance The Miniature Schnauzer appears as a solid, squarely built dog. Perhaps the…

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