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There are many understandable reasons why rehoming a dog or puppy can be necessary:

  1. Dog Allergies – When a dog owner or a member of their family develops severe allergies to the dogs in their home, rehoming a dog is usually a must-do.Allergies can be so severe as to make breathing difficult, and, at best, life miserable. In most cases of severe dog allergies, dog rehoming is essential.
  2. Moving – When making an overseas or other long distance move is necessary due to work or being close to family members who need you, bringing your dog along is not always practical – or possible.Many overseas moves require long periods of quarantine for dogs, and the expense and logistics of transporting your dog to another country can be daunting. Many dog owners find that dog rehoming is the best solution for the well-being and welfare of their beloved pet.
  3. Pregnancy and Child Raising – Dogs are interesting pets. Each one is different, with unique personality traits. Many dogs are deathly afraid of children – even babies.This can make life miserable for a cherished family dog – many spend their days hiding and feeling constantly under siege from the cries of babies and the unpredictable presence of toddlers.
    We often hear about dogs that suddenly begin showing signs of distress, aggression other territorial behavior when children are added to their home. Dogs and small children are not always a good mix, and placing your dog in a loving, calm and predictable home where they will feel safe and loved can be a great solution to this dilemma.
  4. Financial Trouble – When you lose your job, become disabled, or experience other monetary set-backs, being able to afford the care and keeping of your dog can be difficult, and even impossible.
    Many people faced with this situation find that they need to move to more affordable accomodations – many of which do not accept pets. And having to choose between food, shelter and clothing for yourself – or paying for your dog’s food and vet care makes dog rehoming the best solution.
  5. Illness and Disability – When faced with a serious illness such as cancer or ALS, dog owners worry about who will care for their precious pet when they no longer can. Finding a good home for their dog while their health allows them to make this all-important choice gives owners facing illness peace of mind.
    This is often the very best solution for the well-being of the dog, giving the owner the ability to choose where and with whom the dog is placed, and to keep in touch with the new owners, who are usually happy to share photos and stories of the pet in it’s new home.
  6. Work Demands – Some careers demand so much of our time. This often leaves very little time for dog owners to spend with their pets. dogs can become neglected, spending far too much time alone. While hiring a pet sitter can be a solution for some dog owners, this can present a tremendous ongoing expense. Dog rehoming makes sense in this situation.
    Finding a good home for the dogs with owners who have lots of time for giving snuggles, belly rubs and just spending time with them is a great solution. And most adoptive dog owners are happy to keep in touch, sending photos and updates on how the dogs are doing in their new home.
  7. Death of the Dog Owner – Sadly, it happens. Dog owners pass away unexpectedly, leaving their cherished pet with nowhere to go. Sometimes family or friends are able to offer the dog a good home, but this is not always the case.
    Dog rehoming when an owner dies is a much better solution than placing the dogs in a shelter, where they will experience the profound loss of not only their owner, but their safe, happy and familiar home.

No matter what your reason for rehoming your dog or puppy may be, our expert team of pet adoption specialists can help you find your dog a good home safely, inexpensively and effectively. Contact us today to discuss your situation. We look forward to finding your dog or puppy’s forever home.

Reasons For Rehoming A Dog

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