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Santa Cruz California – German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix For Private Adoption – Meet Luna

About Luna

Location: Santa Cruz, California
Breed: German Shepard and Malinois
Sex: Female
Age: 1.5 yrs
Size/Weight: 50 lbs
Coat Color/Type: black with cream
Hypoallergenic: No
Spayed: Yes
Current Vaccinations: Yes
Microchipped or Tattooed? Yes
Health Problems: No
Behavior Problems: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Dogs?: Yes
Good with Small Children: Unknown
Good with Older Children:
House Trained: Yes
Crate Trained: No
Leash Trained:

Meet Luna the German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Mix – Santa Cruz’s Cutest Dog For Adoption

Luna is a Female German Shepherd Belgian Malinois Dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near Santa Cruz, California. This very special Dog is 1.5 yrs years old and weighs 50 lbs pounds.

Luna is an very good health. She is spayed, up to date on shots and house trained. Luna has undergone professional training. She is a loyal and very devoted companion.

True to her breed, she is wary of strangers and protective of home and hearth. She will be best suited for a home on an acreage or ranch where she can practice her working dog skills. This is an amazing dog looking for a home in which she will shine.

Luna is being placed for adoption by owner for the following reason:

With the new business we no longer have as much time as she needs to get out to run and play. We feel we are doing her a disservice because we do not have the time.

We love her very much and feel she would be a perfect working dog on a farm or ranch where she can run and keep busy. I can tell she wants to be busy but we just don’t have the space or time.

Request to Adopt Luna Here

There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Luna? Contact our Santa Cruz Dog rehoming team today. Text “Luna” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.



She is a very loving dog who just wants to please. She loves to cuddle/sleep close to you but we do not get to close to her face because that seems to make her uncomfortable. Super sweet loving dog who loves to play. Very active and loves to be moving. She would rather be outside than inside.

Five Special Traits in Luna

Always very happy to see us even if it’s only been 10 minutes
Loves to cuddle and sleep at our feet in bed
Can jump very high when excited
Runs around the front yard in circles around patio furniture
Always first in line for a treat from the mailman

Luna’s Favorite Toys, Treats & Activities

She loves bones filled with peanut butter, will chew anything she is not supposed to. Loves any kind of dog treats. We are feeding her Blue protection formula with organic beef bone broth. Loves to roll and chase tennis balls. She loves to jump and run.

A Funny Luna Tale

Luna can balance on her hind feet and when she hears or see’s people walking by she stands up, walks around and looks like a kangaroo. She is so cute.


Luna is a healthy dog with no known health issues.


Skittish with sudden movements, seems to get scared/nervous if someone raises their voice. very protective, especially when someone walks up to our gate.

Questions about Luna?

Please text “Luna” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: All potential adopters who wish to be considered as Luna’s forever family must fill out our Meeting Request Form. This is a non-binding form that allows our staff to screen each applicant to ensure the safety and well-being of our dogs and their families.


Luna the German Shepard Belgian Malinois Mix lives in Santa Cruz, California, close to the following towns and cities:

Soquel CA
Capitola CA
Scotts Valley  CA
Aptos CA
Watsonville CA

Los Gatos  CA
Saratoga CA
Campbell CA
Morgan Hill CA
Marina  CA
Cupertino CA
Pacific Grove  CA
Gilroy  CA
San Jose CA
Santa Clara CA

Adopt this lovely Belgian Malinois German Shepherd mix today.

Request to Meet Luna

If you would like to meet Luna and the owner to see if you are a good match, please click the link below to complete our online Meeting Request Form. Once received, Luna’s owner will call you to answer any questions and set up a mutually convenient time and place to meet.

If you have any questions about our adoption process, please let us know.

Questions? Call or text (888) 720-3322


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