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Maltese in Fall Leaves
Maltese – one of the most popular small breeds of dog

Enchanted by small dogs? If you are thinking about adding a small breed dog, toy breed dog or teacup breed dog to your family, you have come to the right place.

Our small dog breeds Information Guide boasts a wealth of information about small dog breeds. For every small dog breed listed on our site, you’ll find a small dog breeds information section, small dog pictures.

 Small Dog Facts

 Small dogs fit well into smaller spaces. A great choice for apartment living.

 Small dogs tend to be more hypo-allergenic than larger breeds. This is a mathematical certainty – there is less dog per square inch – thus less area on which dust and pollen can settle.

 Small dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds. A small breed puppy, acquired from a reputable breeder and properly cared for will generally live between 12 and 16 years.

Small Dogs A to Z

French Bulldog Frenchie Puppy

French Bulldogs Frenchies

French Bulldog Dog Breed Information Guide The French Bulldog is the French version of the English Bulldog. It is smaller and more compact than it's…

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Australian Terrier

Australian Terriers

Australian Terrier Dog Breed Information Guide The Australian Terrier is the national terrier of Australia. Having been given such a distinctive title, the Aussie Terrier…

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