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Chocolate Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles

Toy Poodle Dog Breed Information Guide Known as one of the most easily recognizable and popular dogs in the world, few can resist the cuteness factor of the Poodle puppy.…

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Yorkshire Terrier Dog And Puppies

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies)

Cute Yorkshire TerrierAll About Yorkshire Terrier Dogs and Puppies

Often called the Yorkie or Yorkie dog, the Yorkshire Terrier has enjoyed the status of a favored companion for roughly 200 years. Considered to be the second most popular breed of dog in the world (the Labrador Retriever being the first), his is a story of rags-to-riches.

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Meet the World's Smallest Dog Breed - the Chihuahua With a HUGE personality packed into a tiny body, the Chihuahua dog breed is one of the most popular toy dog…

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